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Sunshine Me ResizedMy name is Jodie M. Cordell and I’m ready to create all the content you need. Thank you for stopping by my site today.

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Why use me?

I love what I do. I love researching your subject and writing your content. I’ve been writing for small business owners, internet entrepreneurs and online magazines for the past few years and I continue to learn and grow as a writer and a marketer.  I have a true passion for writing and will always strive to improve my craft.
Creative content that flows well, is easy to read and grabs your audience’s attention is what you want.
And that’s what I provide.
If you are ready to capture all the potential the internet has to offer or see just how powerful the written word can be in capturing your audience, then you need to have great content for your website, marketing pieces, blogs and more. Let someone who has a passion for creating results-driven content take care of your writing needs.
It’s a highly competitive world out there and your chances of grabbing your customers’ attention continues to get more and more difficult. You only have one small window of opportunity to persuade the average web surfer or magazine browser to visit your site or pick up your magazine. Don’t you think it’s important to make sure your content can get those customers to stop and take notice?
That’s why you need me.
Check out what I’ve been doing for my clients…
  • SEO articles
  • Blog posts
  • Ghostwriting services
  • Sales copy
  • Web content
  • Ad copy
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Corporate image pieces
  • Sales promotions
  • Speeches
  • Radio spots
  • Trade articles
  • Business letters
  • Press releases
  • Magazine articles
  • Resumes/cover letters
And so much more. The possiblities are only as limited as your imagination.
Here’s a list of clients I’ve worked with…
  • Aaron Ave. Records
  • Buzz off Base (online magazine)
  • Yahoo! Inc.
  • Break.com
  • Timothy Baur
  • Sites First Web Development
  • Awake2000.com
  • LoveMe.eu
  • Murder Mystress
  • Primo Vino Wine
  • eHow.com
  • Gather.com
  • SCWeddings.com
  • And lots of content marketing for various clients.

Contact me today for your business copywriting needs.

Jodie is a dynamic, energetic person who is a motivator and an extremely hard worker. She is an innovator who uses her knowledge of marketing, advertising, and writing to give her clients a unique competitive advantage. She demonstrates vision and a keen understanding of marketing and writing that makes her a respected source across any network.” – Dana Riddle, Digital Advertising Executive at D Magazine.